I’m Lesley Lanir (MA, MAC,) a Certified Life and Personal Development Coach. I coach individuals who have reached a point in their lives, careers or businesses where they feel stuck and are ready to make a change.

I coach people who feel they are overloaded, have chaotic lives and feel they need less stress and more order. They know things aren’t going the way they would like them to but simply do not know how to make the first move to change their situation.

If you find you have difficulties in prioritising, organising, managing time and completing tasks and you easily become bogged down with details and you feel you are not progressing, please continue reading the information on my site, to see whether coaching can help you put some consistency into the  inconsistency. I help find my clients solutions to the symptoms and challenges preventing them from moving forward and reaching their potential.

If you feel coaching is for you, read a little more about me and what people have to say about me. Please contact me, if you think I can help you – help yourself.

Open your mind, open your door, change your step, change your journey…
Coaching Works