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The fact you’ve reached here means you are thinking about change and considering finding out more. That’s great.
If you’ve reached this contact page and haven’t browsed around the site, please take a look around. There’s lots of information on here so you can get a good understanding of coaching and what I can offer as a coach. Perhaps start here on the Welcome Page.

If you have already had a good look around,  go ahead and contact me today to ask for more details or to arrange a free discovery meeting – in person, over the phone or over the internet. By investing an hour of our time, we can find out if coaching is the right path for you to take and whether as a coach, I can help you make the changes you need and achieve the  goals you have in mind.

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Coaching can take place on a one-to-one basis, on-line -using Skype or Viber or face to face. If you are interested in knowing more or feel you are ready to book your free, one hour discovery session, then please contact me. I look forward to hearing from you.

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