Here you will find snippets of information to give you a taste of who I am, what I offer as a coach, what coaching is and why you may need coaching.

Meet Me

I am Lesley Lanir, a Certified Personal Development Coach in CBC (Cognitive Behavioural Coaching), Performance Coaching and Stress Management.
Although my main focus as a coach is on coaching individuals with ADHD trying to deal with self-regulation, attention and concentration difficulties and all those conditions bring, I do coach clients who have not been diagnosed with ADHD and those who have no ADHD symptoms.
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What is Coaching?

In a nutshell, coaching is a collaborative means of helping people identify and clarify realistic goals they can work towards reaching within a certain time-limit. The support, structure and process that Coaching Works offers, helps build self-awareness so a person can learn to understand what is preventing them from living the life they want to lead.
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How Coaching Works

Coaching works through using a collaborative approach. You and your coach form a partnership to help you determine your main goals and identify what might be stopping you from achieving them. Together, you design an individually tailored plan with clear steps outlining what action you need to take to reach your goal and attain the kind of life and work-balance you desire.
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Why Coaching Works?

People find that coaching works for them because the coaching process is individually tailored to their needs. Coaching focuses on the individual, what they want and how they can best achieve it.
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Who Needs Coaching?

Life-management, performance and coping skills are essential not just for those with learning difficulties and ADHD but for anyone who needs to enhance their organisational skills or work performance or anyone who wants to make positive and significant life changes.
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How to Make ‘Coaching Work’ for You

Coaching works well when you focus on what you really want and have clear, specific goals based on what you truly can achieve. You need to be willing to accept that you will change and develop and you will have to increase your readiness to ‘step up’. Always arrive prepared to each coaching session and make your best effort to complete any tasks or assignments you have agreed to take on.
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The Coaching Process

Since each person has a unique way of thinking and interacting with those around them, as your coach, it’s important for me to gain understanding of how you view the world and yourself. So, an initial, free of charge ‘discovery’ or ‘clarity’ session is always held before coaching begins to discover what you need,  what I can help with and whether we will make a good match in a coaching partnership. There is no obligation to proceed  after this initial meeting.
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Coaching ADHD

If you decide to choose coaching, it is important to understand that coaching does not replace therapy or medication. The purpose of coaching is to create a supportive partnership, build structures that suit your strengths and find solutions. One goal of coaching is to help you to develop self-awareness, understand and recognise certain behaviours and symptoms and have strategies in place that you can apply so you can eventually coach yourself and find your own solutions.
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Students and Higher Education

Are you a student or thinking of entering college or uni or starting any form of higher education? Have you already started student-life and are finding you just can’t cope?
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Individual Coaching and Coaching in the Workplace

Coaching Works offers individualised personal coaching and coaching in the workplace.
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Open Minds Open Doors

From my experience and those of my clients – If you open your mind to change, doors will open, opportunities will arrive – and through commitment and sustained effort, you will eventually have the life you want to live and lead.
Open your mind, open your door, change your step, change your journey…

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Open Minds Open Doors
Coaching Works

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