People find that coaching works for them because the coaching process is individually tailored to their needs. Coaching focuses on the client, what they want and how they can best achieve it.

Why does Coaching work?

Life-Coaching, also known as Personal Development Coaching, helps you get the best out of your life because it uses methods that help you achieve goals you would probably not attempt to achieve by yourself.
Coaching may address specific personal aims, projects, business successes, or general conditions in your life or profession that you feel need some improvement. The great thing is, it can help resolve a problem or challenge within a relatively short time period.

How does Coaching Work?

Coaching works through using a collaborative approach. You and your coach form a partnership – an equal relationship – to help you determine your main goal and identify what might be stopping you from achieving that goal. Together, you design an individually tailored plan with clear steps outlining what action you need to take to develop the skills and attitudes required to achieve your goal and have the kind of life and work-balance you desire.

Where can Coaching Work?

Coaching can be used to find solutions for any problem or challenge, from someone disliking grocery shopping, being unable to parallel park, feeling useless at automated ticket machines and self-service petrol pumps to how to get more clients for a business, how to decide whether to make a career change, how to structure a business meeting, how to find employees, how to plan and schedule a day better…
There is no end to the lists of things that can be tackled.  In more professional terms, coaching can help improve: time-management; planning and organisation; procrastination; perseverance; risk-taking and decision making; stress-management; assertion and communication skills; handling criticism; resilience – again numerous areas.
A problem you have or a deliberation you have does not have to fall into any category. It just needs to be something that you feel is bothering and you do not know how to solve it yourself.

Since the essence of one method of coaching which I practice – cognitive behavioural coaching – is based on the way you think about events influences the way you feel about them, in other words – you feel as you think – its methods can help individuals discover and deal with any troublesome emotions that may be preventing a person from developing or moving on.

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